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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
REAL FACE LIFT IN A DVD, January 12, 2007 By Lollie Dot Com "I love my bicycle"
This is a great product. Scared of plastic surgery? Can't afford plastic surgery? Don't want to look like Michael Jackson or wind up with grotesque fish lips? Then this is absolutely your answer. Very professionally done. eight years ago I had a different facercise video, the woman who designed facercise did the video, it looked kinda home made and it made me look better than I'd looked in twenty years. Killed the double chin, tightened the jowls away, opened up my eyes.... it was very effective. Friends who saw me a month after I started were asking me what I'd done, had I gotten a little work done or what! :)) Now this one has beautiful girls and when I'm done, i get that wonderful slightly sore muscles feeling all over my face and neck that tells me this is working just as well as the other one did. And this one shows computer graphics of which muscles you're working out and what happens to your face if you don't work those specific muscles. Ouuue. Scary and true too. So before you go under the knife, give this a shot for a month or three.... you may decide you NEVER needed a face lift, all your face needed was a good, easy, quick exercise program like this one. Least that's what I decided. :))
Works for us Guys Also, March 18, 2007 By Ryle Shermatz
Wow, I was really impressed..., May 27, 2006 By Alex Navaro
Great for overall toning AND taking care of trouble spots, March 17, 2007 By bibelot "law student, bibliophile & dog lover" (California, USA)
great DVD, convinced me., July 29, 2006 By soccermom (USA)
Some Improvement, April 7, 2008
EXCELLENT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO, March 14, 2008 By patricia "pat"
It works, June 26, 2008 By Anonymous "A Believer"
Very well planned and exciting material, April 1, 2008 By Sandro B. Torres (Brazil)
Very nice, September 21, 2007 By Tree Feller "Commercial Tree Co"
Great product, July 31, 2008 By Li Tao (FL USA)
A. Sletteland "Aymii" (Corte Madera, CA United States)
Thanks for your help.
Far better than the rest.