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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
What is The Facial Workout?
The Facial Workout is a set of highly focused facial exercises that improves our complexion by strengthening and shortening the facial muscles. Obviously our skin is really important for a great complexion. However, our facial muscle tissue is even more crucial when it comes to facial appearance. Weak muscles produce a saggy, older look, while tighter, stronger muscles give us a brighter, more youthful appearance. Plastic surgeons performing a “facelift” are essentially shortening those same facial muscles, to create a younger look. With the Facial workout, you can shorten & tighten your muscles using your body’s natural physiology.
What’s the difference between facial muscles and body muscles?
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What are the differences between facial exercise and plastic surgery?
How are wrinkles formed?
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Why is the facial exercise difficult at first?
How long should my facial workout be?
I had a face lift. Should I still do the facial workout?
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The Facial Workout: why haven’t we ever heard about it?