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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
About Me
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About Me

  I’ve been into sports ever since I can remember.
It was a great way to channel all my excess
energy as a hyperactive kid.

  I spent the first eighteen years of my life bouncing between athletics, swimming classes, dance, gymnastics, and…well, you get the picture.

  After thoroughly studing biology, nutrition and physical rehabilitation.  I spent the next eighteen years professionally teaching what I’ve learned, incorporating the richness of my experience and making sure my classes are varied enough to keep people active and in shape.

  My studies definitely helped me become a better teacher and trainer. Moreover, I came to understand that ultimately all methods lead to one reality; it all boils down to the knowledge of anatomy, physiology...and lots of great music.

  So with that wisdom, I continuously utilize a multitude of religiously learned methods (after all, technique
is crucial) in my classes so that clients can cultivate a stronger, healthier, more resilient body... and never get bored doing it.