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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
The Facial Workout - How does it work?
Who Needs it? 
   Our face, constantly exposed, is our calling card. We may have great bodies and beautiful skin but as soon as our facial and neck muscles sag, they make us look tired, drained and old.

 A young looking face is created by the strong muscles underneath the skin.

 So why do the muscles sag? from the minute we are born until the end of puberty the muscle builds itself in a process called "muscle hypertrophy" In fact, even children who rarely get off the couch or computer still undergo muscle growth and development albeit not as much as the kid next door, who plays soccer all day, but still they will develop without putting any effort into it. Too bad we're too young to appreciate it at the time…    

  At the end of (biological) puberty, this automatic growth of muslce mass ceases. This doesn’t mean that you cannot develop your muscles after puberty.

  Quite the contrary.
   When puberty is over it becomes our responsibility to strengthen our muscles or they will lose their protein and become droopy while surrendering to the force of gravity.

  Our muscles will slowly lose their protein in a process called "muscle atrophy" This process is reversible at any time…..just exercise and demand more from your muscles. Your body will make sure your muscles get bigger and stronger to meet your demands.   So if looking younger is important to you…

  Download the facial workout DVD And be on your way to a younger looking you.
  Download The Facial Workout DVD
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and begin your transformation now,
In two weeks you'll feel the difference;
In two months you'll see the change.

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              The Facial Workout - How does it work?   The Facial Workout - Who needs it?
What is it?

The facial workout is a scientifically proven method to tone, tuck and shape your facial muscles to give you a young and vibrant appearance without botox or plastic surgery.

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How does it work?

Facial muscles are like any other skeletal muscle in your body. You can shape them by exercising them.

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the facial workout - in two weeks you'll feel the difference. in two months you'll see the changes