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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
The Facial Workout - What is it?
What is it? 
   The facial workout is a tool to rejuvenate or maintain our facial features.

  Saggy cheeks, a double chin and tired eyes, are just some of the inevitable results of weak and saggy facial muscles.

  Most of what we call “face” is comprised of thick muscle mass. The skin is an extremely thin layer compared to the muscle tissue, and has very little to do with the changes our facial features undergo with time. Facial muscles move the skin in order to make facial expressions, so they are attached to the skin. When the muscles sag- the skin sags with them.

  Strengthening our muscles to create a toned and younger looking body is a science well known. This field is so developed, that there are specific 
training methods to create a big buff body or a long and lean appearance.

  The facial workout utilizes this expertise & wisdom to tone, strengthen and lift your facial muscles, creating a younger appearance.
     Combining the knowledge from all fields of physical training,  the facial workout method produces mass and strength exactly where needed.

  Exercising your facial muscles will:

The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Lift your brows and cheeks
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Give you wider, refreshed looking eyes
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Correct the hollow area under the eyes
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Reduce frown lines
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Regain a great jaw line
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Make your lips plump
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Eliminate double chin
The Facial Workout - Leaf Picture Strengthen the neck smoothing any saggy skin over it.
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              The Facial Workout - How does it work?   The Facial Workout - Who needs it?
How does it work?

Facial muscles are like any other skeletal muscle in your body. You can shape them by exercising them.

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Who needs it?

Anyone that wants to look younger, whether its career related (actors,  models,  performers,  business person etc.). or simply to boost one's self esteem.

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the facial workout - in two weeks you'll feel the difference. in two months you'll see the changes