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Tal Reinharts
Developer of "The Facial Workout" method, Founder of BODYTALK Fitness & Dance Studio Certified Rehabilitative Hydro-therapist.
Treat yourself to the ultimate facial treatment
With The Facial Workout.

It's the healthiest, Natural,Scientifically proven,
Time Effiecient, Cost effective and easiest to
maintain method to a Younger You.
facial exercises - facial muscles picture A young appearance is not only a toned body,
So don’t neglect your facial muscles.

Facial Yoga - facial exercises - Download DVD
The Facial Workout - Download DVD

Facial Exercises - By Tal Reinharts
The Facial Workout - What is it?   The Facial Workout - How does it work?   The Facial Workout - Who needs it?
What is it?

The facial workout is a scientifically proven method to tone, tuck and shape your facial muscles to give you a young and vibrant appearance without botox or plastic surgery.

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How does it work?

Facial muscles are like any other skeletal muscle in your body. You can shape them by exercising them.

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Who needs it?

Anyone that wants to look younger, whether its career related (actors,  models,  performers,  business person etc.). or simply to boost one's self esteem.

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